The Animal Hospital of Carrboro Cat Boarding

We are proud to offer our clients and their pets “The Finest Kitty Comfort in Carrboro!” Our facilities are climate controlled; our cat luxury condos are state of the art; our staff is fully trained to give your pet a comfortable home away from home.  As we are a full service hospital our staff is trained to recognize signs of distress or illness in all types of pets.  Our staff spends quality enrichment time with your pet each day to help them adjust to being away from their families.

To insure the safety, health, and well being of every pet in our facility, we require proof of up to date vaccinations and parasite tests from all of our guests before checking in.

While here, your cat will be cleaned and personal enrichment time will be spent with each pet each day.  All pets are fed Science Diet Mature Feline in the morning and the evening, unless otherwise specified. If your pet has food allergies, needs a prescription diet or fickle appetite or digestion, please bring his food and treats from home.

Toys and bedding from home are welcomed but you should not bring anything that your pet could destroy or ingest while boarding.  We also supply each cat with several warm cozy towels, a hooded bed and other comforts to help them become more comfortable while staying with us.

The Luxury Condos offer additional space and comfort for our feline friends.  Each condo is equipped with a perch, a quiet sleeping quarter with a window and a quiet restroom area.

Pamper your pet while boarding with a luxury bath and nail trim.  They’ll come home looking and smelling better than when you dropped them off.