Referral to Radcats is an easy and effective way to treat feline hyperthyroid patients.

Cats are treated every Monday except Holidays.  To have your patient treated, please print and fax the Radcat Referral Form or fill out the convenient online referral at least 7 days prior to the date of treatment.
Click for Radcat Referral Form

You should instruct your client to call us to schedule their treatment once all your referral information is submitted.

PHONE:  (919) 967-9261

TOLL FREE: (877) Radcats

FAX: (919) 929-5719



Please fill out the convenient online referral at least 7 days prior to the date of treatment.

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All cats referred must be current on vaccines to receive treatment. FVRCP must be current within 2 years. Rabies must be current per state Rabies laws.

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Patient Questions

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Renal Disease
 None Mild Moderate Severe

Thyroid Mass Present
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Is this pet currently on any medication?
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Required Diagnosis for treatment. (Must be performed within the last 30 days)
 CBC / Chemistry Panel / T-4 Urianalysis

Optional diagnostics performed at your hospital
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Has this pet had any recent injuries or illnesses that were medically or surgically managed?

Anything specific we should know about this pet to make his visit more pleasant and successful?

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