The Animal Hospital of Carrboro Cat Boarding

Vaccine and Preventative Testing and Treatment Requirements

To protect your cat and other friends staying in our facility, we require the following vaccines to be given and proof of vaccination is required prior to making a reservation.

■      Feline Rabies vaccine

■      Feline Distemper or Feline Upper Respiratory Vaccine


Preventative testing includes:

■      annual fecal parasite exam (with negative results or proof of treatment)

Each pet will be examined for external parasites when the arrive and during their stay.  If fleas and or ticks are found, the appropriate therapy will be applied or given.  A fee for topical and oral medications will be added to your pet’s boarding fee.

Proof of Vaccination and Treatment must be supplied to our staff prior to an appointment being scheduled.

Clients of The Animal Hospital patient’s medical records are available at all times for our kennel staff.  If you are a hospital client and we’ve performed your vaccines and preventative testing, we have your information.