About your pet’s stay at The Animal Hospital of Carrboro’s boarding kennel.

We are proud to offer our clients and their pets “The Finest Canine Comfort in Carrboro!” Our facilities are climate controlled; our canine condos are state of the art; our staff is fully trained to give your pet a comfortable home away from home.  As we are a full service hospital our staff is trained to recognize signs of distress or illness in all types of pets.  Our staff spends quality enrichment time with your pet each day to help them adjust to being away from their families. To insure the safety, health, and well being of every pet in our facility, we require proof of up to date vaccinations and parasite tests from all of our guests before checking in. While here, your pup will be hand walked outside on our grounds three times a day.  All pets are fed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach in the morning and the evening, unless otherwise specified. If your pet has food allergies or fickle appetite or digestion, please bring his food and treats from home. Toys and bedding from home are welcomed but you should not bring anything that your pet could destroy or ingest while boarding. If you feel your dog will enjoy a little extra exercise while here, then take advantage of the extra walks around the streets of Carrboro that are available. Pamper your pet while boarding with a luxury bath and nail trim.  They’ll come home looking and smelling better than when you dropped them off..  

Our Staff


                                       Cameron Price 

 Cameron Price grew up in the small town of Bessemer City N.C. and moved to Carrboro in 1996.                                                                                                                                        

 He has always had a love for animals and grew up surrounded by dogs and cats. At the age of 12 he began working at his father's horse stable and over 25 years later, still enjoys nothing more than animals and the joy he gets from just being around them.                                    

 When he's not working he can be seen walking around Carrboro with his best friend, an adorable Yorkie-Poo named Benjamin "Baxter" Birney(AKA Little Bear, AKA Mr. Bear, AKA Lt. Butt Tuftertons)                                                                                                                        

He also plays drums for Johnny Staxx and the Durty Boyz and produced/directed the documentary "Monday Night Rock Gods" 

Mary Tayloe Mary Tayloe

Mary was born and raised in the small town of Elkin, in the foothills of NC. She is a senior at UNC Chapel Hill graduating with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry. She plans to take a year off after graduation before applying to Veterinary School and has already accepted a volunteer trip to South Africa to work with local veterinarians and at a wild animal orphanage for summer 2016!


Like all the staff at TAH, Mary is passionate about animals and has grown up loving many cats and dogs. She enjoyed swimming in her Dad's pond with all her dogs growing up, and loves being outside. She enjoys exercising, especially running. In her spare time Mary loves movies, music, good conversation, and lots of laughs.

image1 (3)Randy Winslow

Randy lives in Hillsborough and is a junior at Cedar Ridge High School.  He enjoys animals and helping care for them at TAH.  He stays busy with his school schedule and various sports activities.  He plays soccer and basketball for his high school in addition to being a team member of an AAU travel basketball team.  Randy is planning to go to college to pursue a sports or medical related degree.  His work at TAH might steer him to the medical field to help animals. 



Garrett Stein-SeroussiGarrett Stein-Seroussi


Garrett was raised in Carrboro with two siblings and the best dog around.  He currently resides in Chapel Hill with his pet ferret, Tyrannosaurus Rex: King of the Dinosaurs — or Ty for short.  Although he wishes he could own a dog of his own, taking care of other people's keeps him happy.  When not playing with animals, he can be found at home playing guitar a little too loudly.




kate-ellisonKate Ellison

Kate has always been a free spirit and has moved from place to place for as long as she can remember, but has always found her way back to Carrboro, North Carolina. She is a graduate of Savannah Art Institute in Georgia and of AAST Academy in South Carolina, an under-grad of a few others for art-related and music-related works-in-progress, and has a dedicated love for literature. She taught classes on writing in Charlotte and has published a bit, though under an alias (to keep things mysterious.) Traveling frequently has made it difficult for her to buckle down on keeping a pet of her own, but Kate has always had a heart for animals of all sizes and shapes. In borrowing and pet-sitting here and there, it was only natural that Kate happily joined the Animal Hospital of Carrboro family. She hopes to continue building a home in Carrboro and maybe have a pet-buddy of her own someday soon. 



anya and radar  Anya Josephs

Anya Josephs grew up in Carrboro. She graduated from Columbia University in 2016 with a degree in English Literature, and plans to pursue a PhD at UCLA in English beginning in the fall. Her academic interest is in Shakespeare. She enjoys travel, cooking, theatre, reading, and writing. Tragically, she has never been able to own a pet, so she loves working at the kennel to spend time with the wonderful animals boarded there.